Why You Need An Eye Exam

Your eyes are an important organ in your body. Most people don't take care of their eyes or pay attention as much as they do their other organs in their body. If you don't take care of your eyes properly, your vision could worsen with time, leaving you needing surgery or perhaps with no vision at all. Getting an eye exam can help you keep your eyes healthy. Read on for reasons why you need an eye exam and when you should get one.

Ensure You Can See Clearly

If you aren't getting regular eye exams, you don't know for sure that you're wearing the right prescription lenses. You should get an eye exam once per year, and children as young as a year old should have their eyes checked as well. Children don't know if they are seeing clearly if all they have ever seen is blurriness. Be sure to have your child's eyes checked often and you as well should have your eyes checked to prevent worsening your vision.

Prevent Worsening Eye Issues

If you are experiencing eye issues you should visit the optometrist for an eye exam. This will prevent worsening eye issues, which can cause blindness or other problems for your vision. Eye issues such as dry eyes, sties, eye infections, and issues caused by over-wearing your contact lenses are all issues you should see the optometrist about. Don't ignore these issues, as most will not go away on their own, but will worsen the problems instead.

To Stay Healthy

Along with worsening vision, the rest of your overall health may also go to the wayside if you don't keep up with your health properly. Think of an eye exam the same way you would think about going to the doctor for a checkup or going in for a routine dental cleaning. This is part of staying healthy and you should keep up with these exams as well as any other health exams. Poor vision can cause headaches, neck and shoulder pain, as well as other problems.

If you haven't had an eye exam in awhile, be sure to make an appointment right away to get into the optometrist to have your eyes checked. If you are wearing old lenses or contacts, you need this prescription updated so you can see properly. Call your insurance company to find out which optometrist in your area is in your health plan. Make sure everyone in your home has an eye exam regularly.