How To Prepare For Recovery From Cataract Surgery

If you suffer from cataracts, your eye doctor might have recommended that you have cataract surgery. You might be looking forward to having surgery done because as you have probably heard, cataract surgery is often highly effective and can help with problems like light sensitivity and impaired vision. However, in some ways, you might be nervous about certain things, such as what the recovery period is going to be like. If you want to have the smoothest and best experience during cataract surgery, you should make sure you are properly prepared. Read More 

Are You Wearing Your Eyeglasses Properly? 3 Signs You Aren’t

There is a right way and a wrong way to wear your eyeglasses. Your glasses should be fit to your face and to your eyes, which is why someone else's eyeglasses may not fit your face properly. Your ears aren't lined up the way someone else's are, and your eyes may not be spaced the same way someone else's are. If you aren't wearing your eyeglasses properly, there are some signs that may indicate this. Read More